We suggest washing your quilt in a front load machine, using cold water and a mild detergent (free of perfumes, brightners and bleach). Run the machine on a short gentle cycle. To keep the colors bright, add half a cup of vinegar to the wash cycle.


Quilts are most vulnerable when wet - be careful removing from washing machine.  It is okay to partially dry your quilt on low in the dryer - removing most of the moisture and then laying flat to finish.

We never suggest ironing your quilt.  To release any harsh fold lines you can spray with a water bottle and tumble dry on low.

How Often?

Washing a soiled quilt will extend its life; washing a clean quilt will shorten its life.

Our quilts are meant to be used and washed but we suggest only once a season - if you have pets or children, more frequent washing may be desirable.

You can also spot clean with mild detergents between washings.  Use a washcloth to blot at any spots - being careful not to scrub colors too much as they may fade.

We do not suggest dry cleaning.


When not in use your quilt should be stored in a dry, dark location in a cotton or muslin bag -- never store your quilt in a plastic bag or cardboard box. The muslin bag we provide with each of our bed quilts is intended to be used for this purpose.

Be sure the quilt is clean before you store it away. Every other month or so it is a good idea to take the quilt out and refold it another way before putting it back in the bag. When you take your quilt out of storage, air it out. Lay it on the grass and let the sun penetrate it, or tumble it in a cool dryer for a short time.