A well-crafted product is nothing without the use of good materials. The materials used in all of KYE -and- HARDY products are thoughtfully considered for craftsmanship, durability and of course beauty. All of the materials are tested to make sure you get the best.

robert kaufman essex linen

Most quilts on the market today use 100% cotton fabric such as Kona® or other quilters weight cottons.  KYE + HARDY changes it up a bit while retaining familiarity, using a cotton linen blend for the top of quilts and pillows.  The hand of the fabric is nice and soft with a little hint of texture from the slub of the yarns.  The Essex Linen line is a lightweight, solid, woven fabric.  It is made of 55% linen and 45% cotton blend fiber.  The items in the collection are intended to be used again and again with no worries.  Each wash brings out the texture and uneven beauty of the fiber, making the products a little more special with time.


quilters dream cotton batting

To create warmth, add weight and to give quilt stitches the puffed effect batting is sandwiched between the front and back of each piece before being stitched together. All of the quilts are made with Quilters Dream Cotton natural unbleached 100% cotton batting.  It is warm, with a high thermal rating, yet light and not too heavy.  Quilters Dream is trusted by many quilters and makes this collection sure to last for years to come.

pearl cotton thread

All of the quilts are hand quilted with pearl cotton thread.  Pearl cotton is commonly used in weaving and crochet work.  I have chosen to use pearl cotton thread as opposed to traditional hand quilting thread because, like the fabric choice, I decided to wander from tradition while keeping it familiar.  The strong, durable thread is thicker than most drawing attention to the hand stitched quilting patterns.  It creates a wonderful contrast to the Essex Linen and washes just as nicely.