I worked for a company in the garment district of New York City preceding my pursuit of a Masters degree in Art + Design at North Carolina State University. I specialized in the development and production of hand stitched and beaded patches and trim. I have a solid foundation of technique and craft exploration in quilting, pattern making, and product development that I gained in a Bachelors of Fine Arts degree at East Carolina University and my previous work experience. 

I am inspired by the deep-rooted history of textile manufacturing in my home state of North Carolina and the textile products being made here currently. I became passionate about the history of textiles and current manufacturing trends in North Carolina, after moving back from New York City. I use this affection for inspiration and an opportunity to make a product that I have a personal relationship to while utilizing a sensible way of making a well crafted home textile. North Carolina has a rich history of textile manufacturing and I hope that KYE + HARDY will continue to contribute to that production.

For an art form to continue, it must be passed on to the next generation.
— The Quilt, Elise Schebler Roberts

Hand stitched quilts have been made and passed down in my family for generations. I was first introduced to textile work, especially quilting, by my mother, grandmother and great grandmother. These women were farmers, cooks, mothers and makers. They worked hard to provide for their families in and outside of the home. They inspire the work that I create today.